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Starting my next raw denim project - Naked and Famous Elephant 2’s.  With the weather starting to get cooler, I can finally justify walking around in 22oz denim.  Here are the initial fit pictures of the jeans.  It will be interesting to see how these develop over the coming months.  What do you think?

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  2. w-o-v answered: They fit really well on you. How long do you intend to go on without washing them?
  3. 92188 answered: I wih they would make these in the slim guy fit.
  4. jonaspolsky answered: The fit looks good, not crazy about the roll up though. Get them hemmed.
  5. poachingencouraged answered: Inspired to take fit pics of my new Rogue Territory Stantons. Four days in. Should still count as initial fit, right?
  6. rickyantolini answered: are you selling any? they look great btw, love the plain almost matt finish and the big pockets
  7. 1924us answered: these are looking luscious.
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